• Blood Pressure Screening
  • Glucose Testing
  • Hormone Testing
  • Neurotransmitter Testing

Feeling down? Tired? Having hot flashes? Just not feeling like yourself? Ask about hormone or neurotransmitter testing. Each person’s hormone and neurotransmitter levels are very individualized. One-size-fits-all medications and hormones rarely suit the vast majority of people. Knowing your hormone and neurotransmitter levels is a critical first step in restoring balance. Understanding what is going on with your body is fundamental to knowing how to make the right changes to restore your energy, your health and your hope for the future. We utilize Labrix Clinical Services for hormone and neurotransmitter testing. Labrix is a testing laboratory that tests hormones and cortisol using saliva, and neurotransmitters using urine. Saliva testing is the most accurate way to measure the bio-identical (free) levels of hormone in the body. Testing costs run around $200, depending on what exact tests are ordered. Results are usually back and analyzed in about one week so you will be feeling better in no time!

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