DeVille Pharmacies

Online home of:
  • Dillsboro Drug Store
  • Rising Sun Drug Store
  • DeVille Medical Equipment & Oxygen

Dillsboro: 12836 North St.
Dillsboro, IN 47018
Tel: 812-432-5684 - Fax: 812-432-5954

Rising Sun: 223 Main St - PO Box 37
Rising Sun, IN 47040

Welcome to DeVille Pharmacy

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For over 21 years, Dillsboro Drugs has remained an independent family business. We have grown from a small neighborhood drugstore to a modern pharmacy offering traditional prescription services, quality products, and friendly service. We’ve made it our goal to meet the special healthcare needs of our community.


Our pharmacists address questions and concerns completely and confidentially, providing unparalleled service. We hope you’ll enjoy shopping at Dillsboro Drugs and DeVille Equipment & Oxygen - it will always be our pleasure to serve you.